All Aboard the Struggle Bus

Second & NE

A week ago, I wrote about my return from Mexico aka the best vacation of my life thus far. But now I write to you in a post-vacation depression and on a one-way ride to Struggle City. I know you’ve been there before; it usually follows you having a fabulous time when you are forced to return to reality. If only reality was a permanent vacation…

IMG_1779 My current view.

I have about seven, yes only seven (7), weeks left in my final semester of graduate school. Hopefully, I will have completed and presented my final research paper, completed all of my other miscellaneous assignments and will graduate. Currently, I’m struggling to stay afloat, but I know I can do it. I’ve never failed myself before and always kept my shit together despite feeling like everything was falling apart.

IMG_1834 My view two weeks ago…what I wish was my current view.

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