Daily Caller Writer Quits After Tucker Carlson Pulls Article Criticizing Fox News

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Conservatives love free speech — when it involves denigrating entire segments of the population with whose existence they do not agree, or when “Christians” choose to spout hateful diatribes — but Fox News contributor Tucker Carlson demonstrated clearly on Thursday that “free speech” outside of hate speech does not exist in the right-wing world.

When a blogger for Carlson’s Daily Caller wrote a piece criticizing Fox News for not doing enough to oppose “immigration and amnesty,” Carlson quickly axed the column.

“It’s pretty simple,” alleged goat-blower Mickey Kaus told Politico:

“I wrote a piece attacking Fox for not being the opposition on immigration and amnesty — for filling up the airwaves with reports on ISIS and terrorism, and not fulfilling their responsibility of being the opposition on amnesty and immigration…. I posted it at 6:30 in the morning. When I got up, Tucker had taken it down. He…

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