Millennials’ Fashion App Revolution


With the rise of social media platforms, micro blogging and mobile technology, traditional media and conventional marketing strategies are greatly suffering.
For marketers, the progression of Gen Y’s online empowerment and dependency and the advancement of mobile applications suggest that their primary means of reaching customers is quickly losing its relevance. Thus, millennials’ reliance on and interaction with traditional media is significantly different than any generation that precedes it. Indeed, while only 39 percent of millennials essentially read a daily newspaper, 90 percent of them actually sleep with their smartphone. Hence, since this generation is fully steeped in mobile technology and is strongly attracted by technological engagement options, mobile phones are turning into the ultimate means for content delivery for marketers.
Generation Y: Ideal Targeted Clientele

Generation Y is the most targeted clientele of mobile technology oriented marketers since they are young enough to delightfully find a smartphone useful…

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