Millennials Looking for Strong Workplace Culture

The Rising Professional

The next generation of business leaders, Millennials, provide companies with a huge talent pool.The problem is that not all businesses understand the millennial mindset. Instead, they choose to believe the erroneous reports that this generation is somehow uninterested in getting deeply and truly involved with employers, possibly due to waning attention spans.

The truth is that millennials have a desire to be a part of corporations, and will be loyal to their companies as long as the company exhibits a strong culture. What does “strong” mean exactly? It depends on the millennial. However, some of the corporate qualities most attractive to millennial workers include the following:

#1: Flexible Hours

While some businesses, such as retailers and restaurants, must adhere to rigid working times for employees, those that can be fluid may find themselves appealing to millennial job seekers. It’s a common misconception that millennials don’t want to work; they…

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