You’re such a Millennial

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Shauna Hatch

I’m a Millennial, you’re (probably) a Millennial. The author of the next blog you’ll browse is also (probably) a Millennial too. Own it.

Millennial post

Millennials are essentially individuals born between 1980-2000 (and before 2004 at a stretch) and are an alternative name for Generation Y individuals (typically the children of most of Generation X). There are quite a lot of detailed insights available on the traits of Milliennials, but to summarise a few key points (and to not make this an extremely lengthy post);

  • Millennialls are essentially the net generation. We are almost constantly ‘online’ in a mixture of private and extremely open profiles. Our use of social media makes us skilled in personal branding.
  • Raised alongside developing technology, we are the quickest to adapt to new technology concepts, software and products; we are practically technology “obsessed”.
  • Due to a mixture of traditional and digital communication channels now available, Millennialls are…

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