I am 86% Millennial

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My Cracked Conclusion


I’ve always been confused by the whole Generation X, Y, Z……. thing. So when I came upon the term “millennial” I thought I better educate myself and find out exactly who I am just in case I have an identity crisis and need a clear sense of myself.

In my research I came upon this quiz which was very telling. Turn out, even though I am a Gen X’er I am very Millennial, which is interesting because I have no piercings, other than my earlobes, I have no tattoos (even though I have thought about getting one), and I am conservative in contrast to the more liberal millennials that are now being called “generation next“.

What really makes me the most millennial is my use of technology and the ways I express myself…….

Millennials’ technological exceptionalism is chronicled throughout the survey. It’s not just their gadgets —…

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