How A Project Made Me End College With A Bang

As fast as I can

IMG_3415 Well, technically I still have one term to go for Thesis, but I feel like this is the last time we’re going to be given a project–not a paper, not a PowerPoint presentation, not a marketing plan, not a print ad, not a branded content. Just a term project. Mr. Gordon asked us to create a portfolio of ideas in the form of journal entries on our MARKCPS experience. MARKCPS is a marketing elective of creative problem solving. These are the objectives/guidelines of this term project:

  1. For us to share how such ideas helped us grow into a more creative problem solver.
  2. Entries could be based on words, images, videos, and almost anything under the sun one can grasp inspiration from.
  3. Entries should be dated, not necessarily arranged chronologically.
  4. No min/max number of entries required. We decide how many.
  5. It could be submitted in a physical package or in a…

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