MeerKat vs Periscope rant : Part 1 – Quality Comparison

What if apps like meerkat and Periscope were available on Apple TV or even on the Apple Watch!?! Now that would be pretty cool! Just a thought as I was about to write this short blog (I know, who does that right? lol).
Anyway…..So, Meerkat vs Periscope!
Though Meerkat has had a slight head-start over Periscope in the recent live streaming frenzy (both platforms have been pretty “neck to neck” in user preference since both platforms have hit the app store), I’ve decided to create this blog post series to compare the video live-streaming platforms. Over these next few blog posts you’ll lean about my findings, likes and dislikes for both apps.
For starters, I’ll begin with two photos that I screenshotted while watching a lifestream from @Mashable’s tour around this year’s New York Auto Show In NYC. The screenshot on the left is MeerKat’s stream and the one on the right is (Twitter owned ) Periscope’s…

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