Wrestlemania 31 Series : Top 10 WM Moments of The Show

The Last Tweener

10- It’s Over

Rusev jobka

After a year of being the dominant monster and

“crushing” whatever stands in his way, Rusev

took his first bin-fall loss from none other than

John Cena in what was anything put a very popular

result. However, it’s still a big moment story-line-wise.

What holds it down here is the fact that everybody, I

mean everybody, saw that coming with zero doubt.

9- The Long-Awaited Turn

sandow turns on the miz

But everybody saw that coming too, right ? Yes.

Put Sandow’s turn deserves a higher ranking for

two simple reasons :

1- Fans actually wanted to see it, they couldn’t wait

for it to happen.

2- It had a slow and patient long-term build. It didn’t

start by, just for example, Miz rudely interfering an

interview with Sandow.

We can just hope that WWE capitalize on this and use

it to re-launch Damien up the roster.

8- That RKO


This is arguably…

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