Conservatives Open Their Wallets For Bigotry, Raise $100,000 For Indiana Pizzeria Owner (VIDEO)

The Fifth Column

Addicting Info

Proving once again that the phrase “a fool and their money are soon parted” applies to them, conservatives across the country have gladly opened their wallets in the name of bigotry.

It only took a day for Memories Pizza to close up shop after owner Crystal O’Connor openly admitted that she would use Indiana’s anti-gay religious freedom law to deny service to LGBT people. The outrage was instantaneous and the backlash was swift as the pizzeria became inundated with phone calls and its Yelp page was shredded.

So, like most conservative bigots, it didn’t take long for O’Connor to portray herself and her family as the victims of religious persecution. Dana Loesch of The Blaze apparently agrees with her, because she started a GoFundMe page on behalf of the O’Connors.

And of course, gullible conservatives were only too happy to donate their hard earned dollars to support bigots…

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