TheQueOndaShow Headed to TGM


“The Que Onda show,” is at it’s final stages and finally is ready to announce the show’s debut date. It has been confirmed that the show will air on CRN ( Chicano Radio Network) and then re-air within the TGM network. The show is schedule for April 13th 2015 at 7pm pt – 10pm est.

It is no surprise to anyone that DeeDee Blase agreed to bring her show to the TGM Network. TGM has the tools to make the show a great success. TGM’s demographics are young, motivated and educated millennials that can connect with the show’s premise. The TGM Network is comprise of a well connected online spider-web like system that connects to all of its multiple social media platforms with a single key stroke. Comprise of online radio stations, well traffic websites and countless of social media pages along with their cult like following CRN’s new show has the potential to be a huge success within TGM.

TGM is also betting on Blase captivating personality will deliver a great show that can connect with it’s readers and listeners and is hoping that she can attract more Millennial Chicanos to TGM. TheGenerationMe main goal is to inform and encourage young voters to get register and vote during the elections. And wants to make sure Latinos are interacting in the voting process.  

Blase is a welcome edition to the network and for many she is a breath of fresh air.

The will air on the TGM network on April 13th 2014.

( TheQueOndaShow) 

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