White millennials are only a little bit less racist than their parents (which is still pretty racist)

National Post

WASHINGTON — Racial slurs that have cropped up chants, e-mails and white boards on America’s college campuses have some people worried about whether the nation’s diverse and fawned-over millennial generation is not as racially tolerant as might be expected. The Christian Science Monitor went so far as to ask, “Are millennials racist?”

Surely not all millennials are racist, but data can address a key related question: Are white millennials less racially prejudiced than past generations?

We took a look at five measures of racial prejudice from the General Social Survey conducted by the National Opinion Research Center’s 2010, 2012 and 2014 waves. Among many other questions, the survey asked respondents to rate whites and blacks on a scale from being “hardworking” to “lazy.” Using this data, we can categorize respondents into whether they rated whites or blacks as being lazier, more hardworking or the same.

When it comes to explicit…

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