Stand with Rand?

Phase Two

Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul became the second GOP candidate to officially declare his intention to run for President a couple of days ago, and before he’d even given his announcement speech, he’d already come under fire by a PAC who attacked his record on the Iranian nuclear situation. In an election which may see foreign policy play a greater role than usual, some Republicans may be wondering if Rand Paul is fit to be their man.

Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul. Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul.

As Rand Paul’s campaign gets going, there will be inevitable comparisons with his father, Ron, who had relatively high-profile but ultimately unsuccessful bids in 2008 and 2012. Rand, like his father, holds libertarian views. Like his father, he prefers a less active foreign policy, at times to the point of suggesting that it was American military intervention in the Middle East which leads to Islamic terrorism, rather than…

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