Millennials, And Why We Never Get Off The Grid

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The “me-me-me” generation is defined by vanity, laziness and a constant need for external affirmation. We fear rejection and scorn those who attempt to reject our ideas of what defines humor or success and how to measure self-worth. Most frequently, we are characterized by our obsession with technology, be it social media or those omnipresent phones, whether smart or dumb. What all of those older generations don’t realize when they look down from their advanced years to our lowly standing on the totem pole is that our obsession isn’t with showing ourselves off to others; rather, it’s with the “other.” While technology provides us with the perfect platform from which to broadcast to the world our many social graces, hilariously awkward anecdotes and “unpopular” views on society, the backbone of our constant need for phone in hand is our desire to be connected. My generation doesn’t just…

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