I Swiped Right: Confessions of a Millennial’s Success and Fail in a Modern Relationship

Amy Austintacious

I met my ex-boyfriend on Tinder. I was a few months newly single and graduating college and just wanted a confidence boost and was oblivious to the fact I was about to meet the man of my most pleasant dreams and worst possible nightmares. 

I would swipe good looking guys for swipes sake and cordially talk for a day or so then delete the app for a few weeks and re-download. I never met anyone but him.

I responded to a message in December from him; he had messaged me in October. I sent him my number randomly and we started texting. He tried meeting up a few times and I blew him off. One evening he called. He actually called and I heard his voice. That voice that will forever haunt me. He was persistent in meeting that night because he was leaving to go back to Louisiana for…

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