Five Reasons Marriage Works Better For Millenials Than It Does For Their Parents


At its core, marriage is about sharing your love and life with another person. The millennial generation grew up enduring unprecedented levels of divorce[1], and witnessing firsthand the sort of damage that has on a family. That damage has caused a rebound in the sanctity of marriage amongst the youngest generation, with divorce rates falling over the last five years.[2]

What makes us so special? What did we figure out that others who came before did not? I’m a Millennial much like yourself, though on the older end of the spectrum at 29. I’ve been happily married for six years now, and been with the same person for nine years. I’m not the only happily married millennial out there, we’re just less likely to write articles about it (excluding those overly saccharine romantic side pieces).

Its currently the “trendy” thing to bash on the institution of marriage…

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