Let’s Celebrate: Millennials Are Creating A Giveolution


According to society’s standard a millennial is someone who is lazy, self-absorbed, still living at home, and tech obsessed. Okay so they may have one thing right, we are tech-savvy. In a millennial’s defense with the recent tech boom we have seen great advances in medicine, education,entertainment and world peace.

Millennials get a bad rep. This “self-absorbed” idea of a young adult cannot be further from the truth. Millennials are volunteering and giving back more than any previous generation. Associated Press-GfK poll shows that people under the age of 30 say there is a “very important obligation” to volunteer. This shows that the trend isn’t stopping at millennials it’s only going to continue to climb as our society see’s we need to help each other.


The millennial generation is known for embracing diversity and differences. When managers were asked how important is volunteering on a resume 41% answered, “volunteer experience…

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