8 Unfair Stereotypes Given To Generation Y That We’ll Just Have To Get Over

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Many people, (mostly those over 45) have this notion regarding 20-something-year-olds. They have this impression about the young adults of this decade that they are reckless, impulsive, lazy, arrogant, too attached to our technology, and just plain out stupid. The phrase, “your generation” is often used in a condescending manner; a way of sneering at the many “problems” of our selfish generation. In fact, our generation are quite often the subject of social despair over the loss of traditional values. We are criticized, categorized and ridiculed, but in reality, these harsh stereotypes although they may have some truth to them, do not hinder us young adults whatsoever. In fact, they aid in our success. The very same characteristics that many see as weaknesses are in fact, strengths that are beneficial and valuable to organizations.

“We Are Lazy”

Most elders have this notion that us…

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