Class helps employers learn to understand millennials, who are about to take over the workforce

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DENVER — Millennials are the largest generation in America. And soon, they’ll become the majority in our workplaces too. But sometimes, millennials are characterized as in constant need of a trophy or spoiled by hovering parents.

It’s led to an effort in Colorado to better understand, this misunderstood generation.

Millennials are generally ages 13 to 34. And in four to five years, will be the predominant demographic in the workplace.

This, as baby boomers exit the workforce in droves, creating shortages of talent. That’s where the Mountain States Employers Council is stepping in–to help businesses create environments to attract and retain this growing group.

In a classroom in Denver is a study of generations called Generations: Working Together. The class is designed to help the different generations communicate with each other better.

“This is the first time in history, in the history of America, we have four…

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