HBO’s Game of Thrones is Veering Away from the Books, And That’s a Good Thing!

Mihai Podariu

Season 5 is here (no spoilers below), and everyone is panicking as to why the producers aren’t following the books! I mean, the books are literary masterpieces, why would someone want to deviate from them?

David Benioff and Dan B. Weiss have created the ultimate show for this day and age that has a little bit of something for everyone: medieval sword fighting for the action enthusiast in the family, political plots for the drama fan, 50 shades of lovemaking for the romantic in your life, and dragons and magic for the diehard fantasy lover. And all of this has come together to create a show that constantly breaks viewing figure with every premiere, now at the point where the only records it has left to beat are its own.

This perfect formula adhered to the books, and that snobby reader in your life who had read the books before it was cool could raise their nose whenever…

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