Mom and Dad Just Don’t Understand: How Marshall McLuhan Explained the Generational Gap

Samantha Siebert

Canada has given the world so many gifts: The voice of Shrek (formerly known as Mike Myers), Avril Lavigne’s sick early 2000’s fashion sense, and some pretty dope maple syrup, among other things. International treasures, every one, but perhaps the raddest contribution the Great North has ever granted our undeserving planet, was this guy.

Marshall McLuhan

I’m obligated to tell you that famed Canadian social, communications, and media theorist, Marshall McLuhan, probably didn’t look like that underneath his tweed suit. But he did, however, essentially predict the Internet and the impact it would have on this little ball of water and dirt we call home. McLuhan not only coined the terms “Global Village” and “surfing for information”, he really got it when the kids would say, Mom and Dad just don’t understand.

Why Don’t They Understand, Marshall?

According to McLuhan, the generational gap wasn’t just a hoax flaunted by rebellious teens to…

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