What 40 Days of Dating Got Right about Millennial Relationships


Originally published by PolicyMic, 9/11/2013
Featured image from 40 days of Dating.

Chances are you’ve heard of the social experiment 40 Days of Dating. Twentysomething friends Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh decided to spend 40 days attempting to create a functional relationship with each other, even though they were coming from opposite backgrounds: she’s a serial monogamist who’s continually rushed into love, and he’s a commitment-phobe who’s bounced from woman to woman. The two attended relationship counselling and set out clear rules from day one to make the experiment as stringent as possible, even though it sounds like the plot of a subpar romantic comedy. They then blogged, in detail, every single day, and their every thought, over the course of the 40 days.

At first, I dismissed the project as little more than a stunt. I held everything I could against it, from the fact that it teeters on indulgent exhibitionism, to the fact that it seems gimmicky (which wasn’t helped by reports that Goodman and Walsh were discussing television and movie deals before the blog even ended)…

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