5 career mistakes that are okay to make in your 20s


The following originally appeared in DomaineHome.com

Everyone makes mistakes—whether we’re talking career, relationships, or fashion. The important thing is you learn from the minor (or major) mess ups. That’s why today, we’re sharing five common career blunders that you’re better off making now rather than later. Not that we’re encouraging you to make these mistakes; but if you do, you can can certainly bounce back, even stronger than before.

Mistake #1: Bombing an interview

Perhaps you made one of these mistakes. Best-case scenario? This happened in your early 20s (right after college) when you’re applying for entry-level jobs rather than senior positions. Brush yourself off and prepare way better next time.

Mistake #2: Failing to negotiate your salary when hired

This is a tricky situation—always. It’s understandable to hesitate and avoid asking for more money right off the bat, especially if you’re fresh out of college or only have…

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