Angry Baltimore mom beats son after seeing him throw rocks at police


A suspected rioter in Baltimore got the smackdown of his life Monday by his mom on television. (WMAR)
What a head lines! Baltimore is burning with a race riot, the National Baseball League will have a game in Baltimore but no fans in the stadium,and this mom makes the news! Now, for years we have seen parents/adults punished for the display of beating your child in public but her she is applauded for it. White people, make up your mind. If you are Black, you can beat your kids in public but if you are white, you will go to jail for beating your kid in public. Well, maybe it’s alright this time because of the current racial charged injustice of police killing another young Black man, this time in Baltimore.

A young Black man, Freddie Gray died in Baltimore police custody from of a severe spinal cord injury. How…

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