Overcoming Fear of Climate Change

Lisa Bennett

The science writer Margaret Wertheim said in an interview last week: “We will not solve global warming and ocean acidification if we just freak ourselves out and end up huddling in corners in fear. We must find ways to collectively act, and constructively and positively act.”

These are wise words that remind me of something I have been thinking about for a long time: that one of the most important things those who are concerned about climate change can do is focus less on trying to persuade others of the threat and seriousness, or even the reality, of climate change–and much more on the things that make us feel empowered to do something about it.

For Wertheim, this is about engaging others in coral reef art projects. For the poet Mary Oliver, it is about writing about the beauty and wonder of life–reminding many of us why we not only need but love nature.

crochet coral reef

For others perhaps…

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