Bernie Sanders will run against Hillary Clinton—and globalization


Right now, the only official challenger in Hillary Clinton’s path to the Democratic presidential nomination is a 73-year-old socialist from Vermont.

Senator Bernie Sanders, the longest-serving independent in Congress, will take on Clinton (and any additional challengers who may appear before states hold their primary elections and caucuses early next year) in the name of an old backbone of Democratic politics—standing up for the worker against the corporation and the billionaire.

One supposes you can’t have a Clinton in a presidential race without revisiting the mythos of Bill Clinton and the “New Democrats,” who led the party out of the Reagan years and into an embrace of globalization that included compromises on welfare, trade, and, memorably, financial regulation. Judging by the three points of contrast Sanders drew with Clinton at the end of his first press conference, these are the debates he seems most likely to return to over the course of…

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