Dear Freshman Year: College Edition

Erin Queen


Dear Freshman Year,

The first day I met you I was terrified. I was at a new school, in a new town, 3 hours away from my home. A place where I knew fewer that 5 people. You weren’t easy on me the the first week, having to get up at 7 for my 7:45 class ( that’s what happens when you’re a freshman & you get a crappy schedule), locking myself out of my room on the second day, and feeling like an idiot asking someone to direct me to the math building & STLL not being able to find it. You allowed me to meet amazing people who are now my best friends, eat crappy food, pull all nighters, laugh until I could barley breathe, and introduced me to the famous black squirrels. You tested the waters by putting me through difficult times I thought i’d never get past…

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