No love for millennials. Top 3 reasons we can’t commit. 


Sex, drugs, social media and a fear of commitment. Why is it that millennials are losing their ability to be in a monogamous relationship? Has technology made it too easy for our eyes to wonder? Could it be the sex charged media and music industry telling women to have big butts in tight pants, while simultaneously telling men to make said women their property? Let’s cut to the chase.

Social media. More like a social disease, right? In these days of txt messages and Facebook “pokes” we no longer have to try too hard to see the goods. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc give everyone the ability to see you, learn about you, and engage you all from the safety of their home. It’s the ultimate “play it safe” machine and as a species it doesn’t make sense. Not only is social media not ideal for starting a relationship, it can…

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