Shut your face. Millennials Rule.


I’m doing a research paper for my Media and Politics class, and I can choose any topic I want. I thought about 5 billion ideas, but then realized all of them sounded too hard, or they didn’t apply to the guidelines I have. So then, I settled on a topic I know best. Or, at least I thought I knew best.


A millennial is a person who was born between 1980 and 1999-ish. So, being born in 1994, I’m a millennial. The word describes our generation, much like the “Gen Xers” or the “baby boomers.” Only, “millennial” carries sort of a negative connotation.

We’ve been called “selfish” and “lazy” and a whole slew of other things. We’re the selflie generation that doesn’t know what a land-line is and is totally apathetic to everything.

Or, at least, that’s what everyone says about us.

And the part that bothers me…

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