Bestie Row: A Millennial Friendly Housing Experiment


bestie rowI’ve always been a big fan of besties. Mostly because I’m particularly fond of my personal besties (shoutout besties). But a new housing compound outside of Austin, Texas is taking the Millennial Bestie Trend to new heights.

A group of four couples who have been lifelong friends built a compound where they could all live together – as besties. Each couple inhabits a 400 square foot cabin and together they share communal living spaces such as the kitchen, guest areas and a dining room. Their housing experiment has affectionately been dubbed “Bestie Row.”

Their experiment might be too extreme to become a mainstream trend, but I was surprised at how this article overtook my twitter and Facebook feeds. It seemed that everyone I knew was sharing this article with a post saying something along the lines of, “THIS IS THE BEST! WE NEED TO DO THIS!” (insert your 5 besties names)

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