My opinion on the latest Game of Thrones outrage (in case you wanted it)

Ines in the sky with diamonds

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but Twitter is flooded today with comments by Game of Thrones watchers who are outraged by the tragic fate Sansa Stark suffered last night in “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”. They’ve decided to never watch Game of Thrones again, to sabotage HBO, or to, which is what most of them settled for, just plain whinge about it.

(Meanwhile, 2 earthquakes have hit Nepal and more than 8000 people lost their lives, Gaza is still not free, and thousands of Asian refugees are stranded at sea, and no one makes a peep. Welcome to 2015. But this is a discussion for another time.)


If you haven’t seen this particular episode yet, please refrain from reading the rest of this post. This is not a suggestion. Just don’t do it.
I’ve recently had my entire life ruined by the biggest spoiler in Grey’s Anatomy history…

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