8 Ways to Save by Going Back to Basics

Wildcat Mortgage, Inc

Whether it’s for political, ideological, economic or environmental reasons – or because it’s just plain fun – a growing number of people are embracing elements of old-fashioned homesteading. Of course, people have been growing their own food and raising livestock for eons. But in recent years, such practices have taken hold in cities and suburban areas, and they’ve particularly caught on with younger generations. So-called “urban homesteading” can involve anything from setting up an apartment-balcony container garden to fencing off a section of the backyard for chickens, or even simple projects like canning your own jam.

Saving money is just part of the appeal. Many people also have a strong desire to “do something physical in a world where we’re spending lot of time ‘liking’ things on Facebook and not doing something with our hands,” says Erik Knutzen, who co-authored “Making It: Radical Home Ec for a Post-Consumer World,” with…

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