An Invitation to DO SOMETHING about the Environment

Life in the Boomer Lane

earth day

In a world that sometimes feels like it’s going to hell in a handbasket (and the handles of the hand-basket are ratty and chafing), Life in the Boomer Lane invites you to step back and ask the following:What kind of world to we want for our grandchildren?”  LBL’s own answer is “One that is better, in many ways, than this one.”

Let’s start with a topic close to LBL’s heart, the environment. She would say “With all due respect to legislators who consistently avoid taking action on environmental issues…,” but she has no due respect for them. They, and some of the titans of industry and media have seen fit to present a version of what is happening to the environment that is based, not on a concern for the planet, but rather on a concern for the money it would cost to clean it up. Let’s face it: Taxpayers…

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