Has Our American “Middle Class” Disappeared


The phrase “Middle Class” is fast disappearing from both national, state and county political vocabularies. This should not be a surprise to any of us. Those that did consider themselves as “Middle Class” – with a family income that allowed them to live comfortably – are now “ordinary,” according to Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator Rand Paul defines them as “people who work for people who own businesses.” Many of us may consider ourselves “ordinary,” but individuals currently working two or more minimum wage jobs, under 20 hours per week, for $7.25 per hour consider themselves to be something other than Senator Paul’s definition. Indifference has now defined them as “those left behind.” The definition of “Middle Class” has long been evolving with politicians. It has ranged from “submerged middle class” to “nearly poor” to “the sandwich generation.” Today, our current Republican candidate hopefuls’ definitions are anything but poor. Yesterday, “Middle…

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