Your Rights at Work: F.A.Q


26 May 2015:

BY Nick McArdle

Gary Cole as Bill Lumbergh in Office Space, 1999 (Credit: 20th Century Fox/

Often in the workplace, employees don’t know their rights and are often too scared to ask. Nick McArdle has researched and answered some commonly asked questions that might help you.

What is the minimum wage? Am I being underpaid?
The national minimum wage is $16.87 per hour, however if you’re considered a ‘junior’ worker you can be paid less than this. If you’re an ordinary worker over 20 years of age and receiving less than this amount, it is most likely you are being underpaid.

Can I be paid cash in hand legally?
It isn’t illegal for an employer to pay you cash in hand, however they must distribute a pay-slip.

Am I entitled to a break at work?
All workers are required breaks whilst working. Most employees are entitled to…

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