Easy Chocolate Cake

The Kiwi Cook

Chocolate cake 2_site

I’ve made a couple of different chocolate cakes before, but this one has just become my go-to recipe. Why? Coz for very little effort (no electric mixer in sight) I got a moist, tender, super chocolatey, not to mention… gluten-free cake, just perfect for any occasion. I paired it with a gorgeous cream cheese/butter blended icing which matched it beautifully and everyone agreed it was a keeper.

And, how did I find out about this exceptionally easy, yet delicious cake? A work colleague of mine – a baker extraordinaire – makes it regularly and I keep asking for the recipe, then promptly losing it. This last week she made it again, and again she gave me the instructions (yes, she’s very long-suffering!). So, when my parents celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary this weekend, I thought it was the perfect time to give it a go.

My friend couldn’t recall where she sourced…

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