The Epitome of Perfectionism

At the Beginning

Suppose this blog post is titled wrongly, because, well, it might be. I was set on saying that I am the epitome of perfectionism; the ultimate perfectionist, because I am. There are things I do because “I am a perfectionist.” There are things I definitely, without question will not do because “I am a perfectionist.” Perfectionism bleeds into everything I do because without it, what other excuse can I use to fall back on?

Perhaps, I am being over-dramatic about my responsibilities and what is expected of me in the roles I take on in a college student’s everyday life. Though, perhaps I’m ringing a bell that is true for many of you reading this. I would argue the latter.

Until recently, I used the excuse–yes, it is an excuse!–“I’m just a perfectionist.” “See, no, I can’t do that thing there because I’m a perfectionist..” Unbeknownst to my conscious self…

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