Social justice vs. socialism: another take


I wrote before about the conflict between two liberal schools, “social justice” and “socialism,” and how the former usually triumphs over the latter these days. This is especially evident with today’s college progressivism, where social justice, aka social liberalism, is taken to the extreme but socialism, aka economic liberalism, is all but ignored. How many young people call themselves “socially liberal but economically conservative” these days? Or a better question is, how many don’t?

The main exception these days is the “Fight for $15” movement, which harkens back to the old-school leftism of the ’30s. Economic justice was the original focus of us comsymp pinkos, after all… workers of the world unite, and all that. But Salon writer Joan Walsh has a column up taking $15’ers such as Bernie Sanders and Bill de Blasio to task specifically for the crime of focusing more on labor than race.

Walsh decides to…

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