“You Define Who You Are”

Pos+ Casts

Labels are being throw at us from left and right. They are plastered all over us like college kids on solo cups, even by people we don’t know.

Some of the labels include: anti-social weirdo, slut, druggie, super genius, has no potential, party animal, or the daughter, son, sister, brother, or friend of someone more well known than we are.

Other people stick these labels on us so easily but are we actually any of these things? Nope, not unless we think we are.

If you are out there sleeping with a bunch of people, enjoy yourself. Does that make you a “slut” or a “man-whore”, no it does not. Just because your parent got you a job somewhere, does not mean you are “just blah blah’s child” and have nothing to contribute.

Do any of these labels make you less or more of a person? Of course not, it…

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