Bernie Sanders candidacy is vital for the Democrats

Marco Whobio?

It is easy to forget that Hillary Clinton has not already won the Democratic nomination but the independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, has not joined the race just to produce the mirage of a contest. What Sanders offers is a real alternative and a challenge to Clinton- one she should not take lightly given her experiences in the 2008 race. Talk of a Sanders ‘surge’ might be overstating his chances of winning the nomination. He currently polls 11.8% in a poll of polls, marginally ahead of Vice President Joe Biden who is unlikely to run for the presidency but 48% behind Clinton.

Sanders’ candidacy has excited those on the left of the party who might otherwise have supported Elizabeth Warren, the Senator from Massachusetts who has decided against running for the presidency. In the early stages of the campaign, he has drawn strong crowds and his poll ratings have improved…

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