90% of millennials in Argentina access Facebook every day

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It was really striking to see just how connected Millennials in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina are and how they are growing as they take advantage of evolving technology. In our study, we looked at Millennials who are Facebook users and found a remarkable level of engagement—90% access Facebook every day. Just to put that in context, only 87% conduct an online search every day and only 72% watch TV daily. – Gabriel Gontijo, Audience Researcher for Latin America at Facebook

Facebook shared a study from a few Latin American countries, highlighting the rapid growth in FB usage among millennials.  It is almost incomprehensible that 9 out of every 10 use Facebook every single day.  Society will forever be changed from this evolving way of communication and connecting with others through enriched media, mainly mobile devices.  Facebook has tackled mobile head on with a number of development releases for all phone types…

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