I’m A Millennial, And I Think Baby Boomers Are A Bunch Of Big Babies. Here’s Why.

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Shutterstock / Zdorov Krill Vladimirovich Shutterstock / Zdorov Krill Vladimirovich

Millennials have taken a lot of abuse from their elders, especially from baby boomers. The generation that said “don’t trust anyone over 30” now thinks anyone under 50 sucks. These boomers have the delusion that their generation is better than ours. I find that laughable.

Boomers like to say that most millennials only care about getting high because of the popularity of weed legalization amongst our generation. I guess they have suffered memory loss from all the drugs they did back in the day, because the data shows drug use among boomers was higher than it is among millennials.

Boomers make the assumption that millennials are lazy because many of them live with their parents. However, more millennials have graduated from high school and college than any other generation. It is hardly a sign of laziness to dedicate four or more years of your life…

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