We Are The New America

Ordinary Delusions

Entitled. Spoiled. Godless. As millennials, we face a barrage of accusations from the baby boomers who, through either ignorance or apathy, do not comprehend our experience with the world. As a matriculating college student, I have sentenced myself to years of debt for a piece of paper that has increasingly lost its value as colleges flooded the market with new graduates.

Even with college degrees, our generation is saddled with tens of thousands of dollars of debts, high rates of unemployment, and a declining standard of living. Our country is facing the highest levels of debt in the history of the United States and an increasingly partisan Congress. And even though the government takes our money, chances are Social Security will be bankrupt before our generation has a chance to draw from it.

Cynicism has pervaded our lives. We witnessed the deadliest attack on our shores since Pearl Harbor, lived…

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