Apple Watch: Cool watch, lousy marketing campagin


Apple Watch-01The Apple Watch launch is old news by now. I’ve seen the watches popping up on people’s wrists here and there, and actually four BridgeWorksians are sporting them, regularly sending animated emojis or their heartbeats to one another (which, for the record, I think is really weird.)

But I was watching some Sunday night TV recently, and caught the latest commercial for the Apple Watch. (Yes, I was watching an actual television with actual commercials!) It was beautiful and touching…and extremely aggravating, especially from this Gen Xer’s point of view. You see, the only ones who seem to be using and enjoying the new Apple product are Millennials…you know, those twenty-and-early-thirty-somethings who are on the cutting edge of all this brand-new technology.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Millennials. I actually love them. We have several in the office and I learn something new from them every day! But when all the latest technology…

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