Being a responsible adult while still living with your parents

In a quest

Your average Indian young adult lives with his/her parents, unless they move to another city for work or get married. Some get married and still continue to live with their parents (the husband’s family mostly). The concept of moving out and starting your own life is rare and mostly alien in our culture. Now I am not completely opposed to the whole living-with-your-parents bit, I admit it has its advantages – cultural, social and even financial. But I do feel as young adults we do miss on some key experiences and above all a sense of responsibility.

As I write this post, I am mostly referring to urban Indians from middle-class and upper middle-class families. There are many 20-somethings who are working hard, supporting their family and are extremely responsible in their household duties, mostly because situations are tough and they have to step up. But the rest of us…

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