Woman’s ‘relentlessly gay’ front yard prompts homophobic letter from neighbour

Global News

TORONTO – A Baltimore woman is hoping to make her front yard more fabulous after she received a homophobic letter from a neighbour complaining the property is “relentlessly gay.”

Julie Baker claims she received the note, posted on Facebook by her friend, asking her to “tone down” her yard.

“Your yard is becoming Relentlessly Gay! Myself and Others in the neighborhood ask that you Tone it Down. This is a Christian area and there are Children. Keep it up and I will be forced to call the police on You! Your kind need to have Respect for GOD.”

The note was signed by “A Concerned Home Owner.”

So, what exactly is making the property “relentlessly gay?”

Baker claims a set of homemade jar solar lights, which spell out the words “love” and “ohana” (Hawaiian for family) in the colours of the rainbow, prompted the angry letter.

Baker, a widow and…

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