Larry Wilmore Trashes Fox News For Saying Charleston Shooting Was About Religion


Jon Stewart was too busy being devastated by America’s latest mass shooting in Charleston to focus on Fox News’ questionable coverage of it, but Larry Wilmore from The Nightly Show picked up the slack and took the news network to task for presenting the shooting at a black church as an “attack on Christianity”:

“I know you guys don’t want to admit that racial stuff is going on. But how can there be any doubt when it came out of the gunman’s mouth? Let me remind you of what he said: he told his victims ‘I want to shoot black people.’ I think when he says ‘black people’, he means ‘black people’ and not Christians.”

Watch the entire clip to get a sense of how hard Fox News is trying to ignore the obvious racial aspect of the attack. Better yet, find the entire episode and watch Wilmore and his panel handle…

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