Every article that you’ve ever read about Millennials is wrong. A rant.

Michael Squirrel

If you type “Millennials” into Google Images, then this silly V-formation stock photo is the first result. Do you think this is an accurate photo to represent 76 million people?

I read the news every day. And every day, there are more articles about Millennials. It really disappoints me to see articles about “Millennials.” I often think, “Ooh, what does this credible news publication think about my generation?” so I end up reading a lot of these articles out of curiosity.

And then I feel regret and sadness. Because every article about Millennials is sucky and stupid. That’s my eloquent, professional opinion.

I don’t know why writing about Millennials is all the rage now.

I mean, if the demographic for those articles is Millennials themselves, then I feel like the author doesn’t actually understand this generation at all. But that sounds kind of silly, doesn’t it? Articles that explain Millennials’ behavior…

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