On Homophobia Within The Gay Community

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Flickr / Pierre-SelimFlickr / Pierre-Selim

Homophobia isn’t just reserved for those crazy-Christians that we all just love to hate anymore. You can now find them conveniently located in your own backyard: your friend, significant other, maybe even you.

Spend any amount of time in the gay community and you’ll quickly learn we have our own infrastructure problems, complete with a shotty internal review process. Trying to logon to Grindr, or any other gay dating app without seeing “masc for masc” or “straight acting only” on some bros profile is like wandering through a minefield. By definition, none of us fit into society’s gender or sexual norms. You’re not any better than someone else, just because you’re able to “pass” more easily for being straight, as if that is deserving of some sort of prize. Those who think it is are essentially placing heterosexuality above that of homosexulity, the same way sexist place…

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