Study Abroad: The good, the bad and the weird #1

21st Time Lucky

Study abroad has been the campus buzzword of the last decade. For some, it means a glorified holiday, while others grasp the opportunity to be flung headfirst into a linguistic whirlpool. My time in Switzerland teetered between the two. There were moments when I thought, “Am I seriously getting credits for going sailing on Lake Geneva?” (the answer was no) but occasionally I found myself wondering, “I came all the way over here for this?”

If you’re considering heading overseas as part of your degree, you’ll have been inundated with overwhelmingly positive articles shouting about the benefits of studying abroad. I’ve left my rose-tinted glasses safely in their case in order to provide an honest account of my semester spent on the Continent.

Let’s start with something good: I can now speak French. Okay, okay, so technically I could speak French before. I’ve been learning it since high school…

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